All About The Best PCB

The leading companies of the sector with the capacity and technology we have in electronic card production
we are between
• We are a creative firm of product design experts who enjoy collaborating with each other.
Our mission is to turn brilliant ideas into tangible goods. We do this with pleasure from the very beginning.
and we are constantly expanding our creative portfolio.
• As MİLSAN, we cooperate with our electronic engineers, software developers and other technology professionals.
Working together, we brought to life countless concepts.
• Production with advanced technology PCB, SMD and THT lines in our facility with a production area of ​​15000 m²
we are doing. With our test infrastructure, engineering studies, defense industry, medical,
Electronic cards used in the fields of automotive, telecom, energy, industrial electronics and
We produce for our customers around the world.
• We are one of the rare companies in the industry that has the capability and technology to produce electronic cards. Production
Our facility will add Automatic Optical Inspection (3D), Solder Paste, which will increase this capacity and quality.
Inspection (3D), X-ray device, Conformal Coating line, Selective Soldering , Environmental Test
Technologies such as Chambers (air conditioning & aging), BGA re-work station and Dry Cabinet
• Milsan, as one of the largest and most experienced brands in the market,
It has a strong production capability and processes that meet the standards.

What Are We Doing

Regardless of industry or scale, electronics, mechanics and software from scratch
We create products that contain Alternatively, cost your old products,
current trends in terms of efficiency, functionality, aesthetics and ease of manufacture.
We can modernize it. Production technologies, equipment and
thanks to our experience in domestic/foreign partner companies
We also provide manufacturing support.
• Milsan, in projects ranging from design to logistics according to customer demands and selected
It can provide flexible service in processes. Milsan, to its customers in different profiles,
can serve in different projects and according to different needs.
• One of the biggest and most experienced brands in the market, Milsan’s most important
One of its advantages is that it has worldwide standards, especially military standards.
producing high-quality, technologically advanced products that meet the requirements

Production Stages

While designing the products, besides the technical aspects, we try to meet in every design.
we have some broad standards. In our opinion, a good design must meet some criteria.
Different, attractive, functional, simple, durable, economical, smart, easy to produce, environmental
friendly and long lasting. If we have a design that meets these conditions, the modeling
and start the prototype processes. If prototypes do not produce the desired result, adjustment
We never get tired of doing it and we never give up.
• The most important rule in the design process is to fully understand the concept and customer requirements.
as to understand. In order not to confuse our consumers with unnecessary product questions, there are a few
After a simple basic question, we prefer to do the necessary research ourselves.
As a result, you can look at things from a different perspective and create world-class designs.
we can create. The most important difference that distinguishes us from other organizations is for product design.
is that we have all the necessary expertise in our staff at the same time and in harmony.
• Our facility producing at IPC 610 Class 3 level; Soldering in nitrogen environment,
Automatic Optical Control (3D AOI), Solder Paste Control (3D SPI), X-ray device,
Conformal Coating, Automatic Zone Soldering, PCBA Washing, Environmental Testing
Its cabinets also feature technologies such as BGA Repair Station and Humidity Cabinet.