Technical Capabilities

Specification Value
Max. no. of Layers 24
Max. Board Size (L x W) 430 x 585 (For SS & DS)
415 x 565 (For Multi layers)
Max. Board Thickness 3.20
Min. Finished Board Thickness 0.20 (No HAL / Masking)

Base Materials

Specification Value
Base Material FR4
Inner Layer Copper Cladding
Max. Cu Wt. For Planes (Oz.) 2
Max. Cu Wt. For Signals (Oz.) 2
Min. Cu Wt. (Oz.) 0.5
Max Cu Wt. (Oz.) 3
Min Cu Wt. (Oz.) 0.5


Specification Value
Min. Finished via Hole Size 0.10
Min. Finished via Pad Size
Outer Layers 0.40
Inner Layers 0.45
Min. Annular Ring 0.10
Drill to Drill Clearance 0.15
Min. Slot Size For PTH Slots (Tool size) 0.50
Blind & Buried vias Manufacturable Yes
Drill to Track Clearance For Inner Layers (upto 6 layer) 0.25
Drill to Track Clearance for Inner Layers (>6 layer) 0.35
Min. Drill Size For Plated Holes on Board Edge 0.80
Min. Drill to Drill Clearance For Plated Holes on Board Edge 0.80