SMD Typesetting Machine

Compared to its competitors, the Juki RS-1R series has much more diverse typesetting capabilities, from 01005, the smallest SMD component package, to 74*74mm QFP and 50*150mm connectors.

Automatic buy position learning, automatic package creation, etc. With its features, it significantly shortens the set-up time in product transitions.

With the laser unit that provides component centering in the head, a real placement speed of 29.000 components per hour can be achieved and PCB lengths up to 1200mm can be placed.

Soldering Furnace

Best Nitrogen Reflow Furnace in areas such as brazing quality, energy saving, flux management
• Lowest N2 consumption in the industry
• Excellent Heat management via RTPM (Real Time Thermal Profile Management)
• Maintenance-free design
• Best price/performance ratio
• Internal Nitrogen generator option ,
• Industry’s lowest operating cost from high energy efficiency
• Maximum productivity and efficiency
• World’s best brand components such as Omron PLC, Fuji Inverter are used
• Specially machined steel structure to prevent heat degradation
• Overheat Alarm Sensors for Fan Motor
• Multi-zone air cooling is standard, water cooling is optional.

SPI / AOI Machines

The S530 model combines Automatic Phase Shift and Color Highlight Technologies with projectors to enable 3D inspection and is one of the best repeatable machines, especially in Solder Joint Inspection.


X-RAY / AXI Machines

It is a leading company in the development of inspection devices to meet the requirements of the market, such as miniaturization, change of PCB and components, and expansion of the usage environment, by researching the necessary requirements for design and production, to meet industry conditions such as the automobile industry where high quality is demanded.

It recognizes the quality and demands of its customers and responds to their demands with appropriate solutions.

It is one of the leading companies in the development of 3D-SJI Technology.


HP520SII Printer

SJ Innotech, a Korean company, is able to achieve higher printing precision and speed than its competitors, thanks to its robust body and high-quality mechanical structure.

It guarantees your production quality in the solder printing process, which is the first link of SMT manufacturing, with its patented and various features such as speed and print density control in five different regions.