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Multi Layered PCB
Multi Layered PCB

Plate thickness:1.6 mm
Perimeter cut: Freze
Min road thickness:250 um
Surface Treatment:Ni/Au

PCB Assembly
PCB Assembly

Plate thickness:1.6 mm
Perimeter cut:Freze
Min road thickness:180 um
Surface treatment:Ni/Au

SMT Template
SMT Template

Plate thickness1.6 mm
Perimeter Cut: Freze
Min road thickness 300 um
Surface Treatment: 63/67 HASL

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Double Sided FR4 PCB
Double Sided FR4 PCB
8 Layered  FR4 High TG PCB
8 Layered FR4 High TG PCB
4 Layered FR4 PCB
4 Layered FR4 PCB
3 Layered Rigid-Flex PCB
3 Layered Rigid-Flex PCB

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A printed circuit board or PC board or PCB is a non-conductive material whose conductor lines have been printed or etched. Electronic components are board-mounted and monitors connect the components together to form an operating circuit or assembly.


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