Household Appliances

In recent years, with the development of technology, the change in demands and the spread of internet technology, the number of "smart products" has increased rapidly, and the use of embedded software or software that can be developed in white goods and browns has increased. With the introduction of smart TVs, cleaning robots, and remote-controlled heating/cooling systems into our homes, the production of white goods and brown goods has become more complex. From these devices, previously unused systems such as printed circuit boards (PCBs), touch screens, bluetooth transmitters, have been added to products. started to be integrated.

Defense Industry

PCBs are used in military navigation equipment, guidance and control equipment, electronic warfare, surveillance and communications equipment, etc. They are an integral part of a variety of military and defense applications, as they act as interconnect components in devices. Therefore, it is important in the defense industry to ensure high performance and connectivity.


Automotive PCB manufacturers need to offer a variety of PCB options. Systems and operation types that now use printed circuit boards to increase efficiency and safety include back LED and running lights, transmission controls and comfort control units. Also seen are automotive PCBs for managing engines, entertainment systems, digital displays, radar, GPS, power relay timing systems, mirror controls, and more.


PCB applications appear in various fields due to their numerous advantages. It is seen that devices such as hearing aids and pacemakers used in the health sector also contain PCBs.

Lighting and Led Technology

Lighting and LED technologies are technologies that are increasing in importance in our country and in the world. Although the most basic demands of our customers in this field are cost-effective and fast manufacturing, we provide comprehensive mechanical assembly and logistics support to many of our customers in this sector. Knowing that we have contributed to many national and international projects has always been a source of pride for us.


Electronic systems consist of printed circuit boards (PCBs), integrated chips, interconnects, and input/output cables. Interconnects tend to behave like high-frequency antennas, depending on their length and the current they carry. This can cause electromagnetic interference (EMI). There are international standards to limit emission levels. Equipment must be designed according to these standards and meet the minimum requirements of the standards.